Being rules governing Professional Conduct and Ethics for Quantity Surveyors who are the members of the Institute.

Principle        1

Quantity Surveyors shall always act so as to uphold and enhance the honour, integrity and dignity of the profession while safeguarding public interest at all times and wholeheartedly admit that the Institute of Quantity Surveyors Sri Lanka is the sole Sri Lankan professional body representing the quantity surveying profession in Sri Lanka and shall not indulge in any act that would impair or harm the honour, integrity and the dignity of the profession or of the Institute.

Principle       2

Quantity Surveyors shall perform work only in their areas of competence.                              

Principle      3

Quantity Surveyors shall build their professional reputation on merit and shall not compete unfairly.                              

Principle      4

Quantity Surveyors shall apply their skill and knowledge in the interest of their Employer or Client for whom they shall act, in professional matters, as faithful agents or trustees so far as they do not conflict with the general public interest.

Principle      5

Quantity Surveyors shall give evidence, express opinions or make statements in an objective and truthful manner and on the basis of adequate knowledge.

Principle      6

Quantity surveyors shall continue their professional development throughout their careers and shall actively assist and encourage persons who are engaged in Quantity Surveying Work under their direction to advance the knowledge and experience.