Members of Boards

Members of all seven Boards of IQSSL appointed for year 2014/15 gathered on 30th January 2015, for a policy discussion. Members of following Boards met at the Organization for Professional Associations (OPA) premises to deliberate on current status and to plan their future endeavours.

1. Professional Affairs Board (PAB)
2. Membership Affairs Board (MAB)
3. Board of Quantity Surveying Education & Training (BQSET)
4. Board of Management for College of Quantity Surveying (BOM)
5. Board of Quantity Surveying Publications (BQSP)
6. Financial Affairs Board (FAB)
7. Public Relations and Welfare Committee (PRWC)

Chairpersons of each Board briefed about completed task of each Board during the current tenure and explained future objectives and the way forward to achieve them.

The event was organized by the Public Relations & Welfare Board of IQSSL as an informal assembly to facilitate better and friendly interaction among all Board members. It was an informative and entertaining event enjoyed by all participants which concluded by fellowship and dinner.

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