Recognition of the Quantity Surveying Profession by Law and the State Sector

Recognition of the Quantity Surveying Profession by Law and the State Sector

by Jayantha Jayakody

MBA (PM), B.Sc (QS), Dip. Arb., AIQSSL

The Quantity Surveying (QS) is now a highly regarded and sought-after profession in construction industries globally and locally. The importance of the QS profession has evolved since the inception. Due to the various essential roles performed by the Quantity Surveyor as mentioned above, the benefits the QS profession can provide to the government sector are immense. Currently, the Sri Lankan government sector has recognised the importance of the QS profession in many ways and the following are a few highlights:

  1. Institute of Quantity Surveyors Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Act No 20 of 2007

The cynosure occasion of the QS profession in Sri Lanka came about with the incorporation of the Institute of Quantity Surveyors Sri Lanka (IQSSL) by a Parliament Act on 22nd June 2007. With this Act, the legislative recognition for the QS profession in Sri Lanka was given and bestowed power to the IQSSL to act as the incorporated professional body for Quantity Surveying in Sri Lanka. (See attached Appendix A for the IQSSL Act No 20 of 2007).

  1. Recognition of QS Under Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA) Act

The CIDA Act No 33 of 2014 duly recognises the QS as a profession. In this Act, the section 5 (b) (iv) provides IQSSL President to be a member of National Advisory Council, section 9 (b) (iii) requires a member of IQSSL to be in the Board of Management of CIDA, section 26.1 (c), enlisted QS under Qualified Persons. (See attached Appendix B).

  1. Quantity Surveyors’ Representations in CIDA Committees

The members of the IQSSL is highly involved in the activities of CIDA and provides valuable inputs to the activities of CIDA by representing in various committees of the authority. Some of the CIDA committees represented by Chartered Quantity Surveyors include, but not limited to:

  1. The National Advisory Council,
  2. Steering Committee,
  3. National Building Code Committee,
  4. Credential Committee,
  5. SBD Drafting Committee,
  6. Fire Code Drafting Committee,
  7. Revision of Specifications SCA 4,
  8. Revision of Project Management and Contract Management Guidelines,
  9. Appeal Board,
  10. Committee for Drafting Adjudication Act,
  11. Committee on Revision of Specification for Landscaping Works,
  12. Committee on Ethical and Social Responsibility Standards

See attached Appendix C for further details.

  1. Services of Quantity Surveyors Requested by Various Other Government Acts

In addition to the above discussed Acts of the Government of Sri Lanka, there are other acts that expect the services of Quantity Surveyors. For example, in accordance with the Condominium Property Act No. 12 of 1970 a financial report confirming the cost of the construction verified by a qualified Quantity Surveyor should be provided for the application of the registration of a Provisional Condominium Plan (See Appendix D).

  • Recognition of Quantity Surveyors in Provincial Councils

The Quantity Surveyor is an essential professional in all types of construction work. Since, many Provincial Councils are involved in construction and related activities; they employ Quantity Surveyors into their permanent cadre in order to carryout various functions. See Appendix E for documents issued by the Chief Secretary’s Office of Central Province, North Western Province and Northern Province emphasising their requirements of Quantity Surveyors in their respective Provincial Councils.

  • Recognition of Quantity Surveyors in Various Other State Sector Entities

There are various other public sector entities which carry out construction and related activities. There are many Quantity Surveyors currently working in these government entities in various capacities. The following institutions, but not limited to, have included the Quantity Surveyors in their Scheme of Recruitments (SOR):

  1. State Engineering Corporation
  2. Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau
  3. National Water Supply and Drainage Board
  4. Land Reclamation and Development Company
  • Recognition of the Services of Quantity Surveyors by the Courts of Sri Lanka

Quantity Surveyors play a pivotal role in managing the finances of clients, contractors, and consultants in the construction industry. The members of the IQSSL are highly regarded as transparent, honourable and independent professionals who always carryout services with high integrity. Hence even the judiciary courts of Sri Lanka seek the services of the members of IQSSL in many occasions. Please see Appendix F for details.

  • Services of Qualified Quantity Surveyors Requested by Sri Lanka Standard Institute

As mentioned above, many governmental organisations seek the services of qualified Quantity Surveyors due to their versatility and expertise in a wide spectrum of work. The Sri Lanka Standard Institute invited the IQSSL to represent the Sectoral Committee on Buildings and Construction Materials (SC/35). See Appendix G for details.

  1. Other Institutions Recognise QS as a Cost Certifying Authority

Urban Development Authority (UDA), Board of Investment (BOI), Colombo Municipal Council (CMC), many government banks and the like accept IQSSL member signature for cost certification.

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