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IQSSL College of Quantity Surveying (Guarantee) Limited

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In every construction project, large or small, the Quantity Surveyor plays a significant role in determining and controlling the cost. It is all about the economical, effective, and efficient utilisation of scarce resources in construction process. The role of the Quantity Surveyor could be defined as the financial manager of resources in the development and production process, and maintenance of built environment and also as contract administrators. Quantity Surveying is one of the most demanding and highly paid professions in Sri Lanka and overseas.

The Institute of Quantity Surveyors Sri Lanka was incorporated under an Act of Parliament, Act No. 20 of 2007 becoming the apex body for the Quantity Surveying Profession in Sri Lanka.

IQSSL College of Quantity Surveying (Guarantee) Limited is Quantity Surveying educational institute in Sri Lanka dedicated for Quantity Surveying education established under the Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Sri Lanka (IQSSL).

As expressly described in the Act, one of the primary objectives of the Institute of Quantity Surveyors is as follows:

Dissemination and imparting of knowledge on Quantity Surveying (QS) and related subjects through educational programmes.

To achieve this objective in practice, in 2005, the Institute of Quantity Surveyors Sri Lanka established its education arm ‘The College of Quantity Surveying’ completely dedicated for Quantity Surveying education and practice. This bold step taken by the IQSSL became huge leap towards the establishment of a professional practice in Quantity Surveying capable of catering both local and foreign construction industry requirements.

The College has already developed several courses of study for the benefit of those who wish to pursue higher education and practice in Quantity Surveying. With the objective of reaching a wider area of coverage the entire program is conducted in English Language.

The College conducts a well structured series of lectures for their students in two semesters per year - the first being from February to June and the second from July to November. In addition to these classroom lectures, the College organizes induction programs, refresher courses, CPDs, seminars, study groups and group discussions etc. with a view to update and facilitate the students to get a better exposure in the field of practicing Quantity Surveying.

‘The Higher National Diploma in Quantity Surveying’ offered by the College of Quantity Surveying has been designed especially for the benefit of school leavers who wish to join Quantity Surveying profession as beginners. The Higher National Diploma in Quantity Surveying course leads the students to complete the professional level education in three consecutive courses viz. Levels I, II, and III and reach the professional group in five years after completing them successfully.

In all stages the students are helped, assisted and guided by a team of professionally qualified QS Academics practitioners. Separate tutorial assistance & continuous assessment is provided for the students who wish to master QS education. The students are strongly advised at all levels to pay extra attention on English proficiency with verbal and written presentation skills, which is an essential tool for the advancement in their professional career both in the local and foreign employment markets.

The College is equipped with an amiable academic staff especially selected from among senior most qualified industry professionals and university academia. The combination of best industry practices and experience and the University level education standards provide a superb blend of learning environment at the College for students pursuing theory and practice in QS education.

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IQSSL College of Quantity Surveying (Guarantee) Limited
2/11, 1st Mission Lane,
Mission Road,
Pita Kotte, Colombo.

Tele: 0094-11-2369798 / 0094-11-2872215
Email: college@iqssl.lk