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Requirements for Recognition of QS Degrees

Full Title: Requirements for Recognition of Quantity Surveying Degree Programmes by IQSSL

Application Forms

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1. Introduction

This will be in effect from the 1st of September 2021.

The recognition of Quantity Surveying degree programmes by Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Sri Lanka (IQSSL) as an independent professional opinion, becomes imperative in the process of recruiting graduate Quantity Surveyors to the industry. Hence, IQSSL has been responsible for evaluating undergraduate Quantity Surveying degree programmes and accords recognition to cater to the local requirements in accordance with an established criteria and procedure.

This document provides the IQSSL’s requirements for the recognition of Quantity Surveying degree programmes.

2. Conditions of Recognition

2.1. Recognition will apply to a programme in a named mode of study (i.e. full-time or part-time), which is validated, supported and controlled by an Academic Institution.

2.2. Recognition for lateral entry / top-up degree programmes shall be subjected to separate evaluation of the respective programme and shall be with a regular entry Quantity Surveying education programme acceptable to the IQSSL.

2.3. Recognition obtained for an existing programme cannot be transferred to an alternative programme without IQSSL approval.

2.4. IQSSL must be informed of any significant changes introduced after a programme has received its recognition. IQSSL will then decide whether the changes affect the recognition.

2.5. Final approval for the recognition shall be granted at the discretion of the Governing Council of IQSSL.

2.6. Recognition of any Quantity Surveying degree programme shall not be considered or construed as an accreditation. The accreditation procedure of IQSSL remains apppcable separately for all Quantity Surveying degree programmes.

3. Documents to be Submitted for Recognition Evaluation

3.1. The Academic Institution shall submit the necessary documents required for the recognition evaluation along with the duly filled application form and covering letter.

3.2. The documents as prescribed below must be submitted in respect of the programme being evaluated for recognition.

3.3. It is the responsibility of the Academic Institutions conducting the degree programmes to provide accurate information and sufficient evidence for recognition evaluation.

3.4. The Academic Institution must provide any additional information as may be requested by the IQSSL.

3.5. All the documentary submissions should be current and valid, and any invalid or irregular submissions will be subject to rejection during the evaluation process.

3.6. The submission shall consist of:

  1. Introduction to the Institution and its structure
  2. Introduction to the programme.
  3. Entry requirements and target enrolments.
  4. Lateral entries criteria, if any.
  5. Programme structure with module list, an outline of the content of each module, number of Academic Credits (ACs) for each module and number of Contact Hours (CHs) and Non-Contact Hours (NCHs) of each module.
  6. Criteria for evaluation of performance of students.
    • Continuous assessment procedure
    • Examination procedure in brief including the details of semesters, GPA, award of classes, number of attempts, pass marks, maximum duration…etc.
  7. Academic staff of the programme.
    • Staff profiles, qualification and experience of each member of staff (full time and visiting separately).
    • Availability of staff qualified in Quantity Surveying for core subjects.
    • Current and desired level of staff and staff development policy.
  8. Quality assurance and enhancement methods used in the programme.
  9. Student Learning Environment.
    • Current level of facilities
    • Support resources, facilities and major equipment (including the number of labs, number of classrooms with capacity, common facilities, use of licensed software, etc.).
    • Library and other reference facilities/infrastructure (subscribed online databases).
    • Quality assurance and enhancement methods in place and practised for student facilities, amenities and support.
  10. Documentary evidence of recognition by University Grant Commission (UGC), if any.
  11. Accreditation by local international educational institutions, i.e. Edexcel, Pearson etc., if any.
  12. Accreditation by local/international professional institutions, if any.
  13. Documentary evidence of recognition of NVQ / SLQF level, if any.
  14. Details of extracurricular activities encouraged and supported by the Academic Institution.

This document provides the IQSSL’s requirements for the recognition of Quantity Surveying degree programmes.

4. Academic Credit Requirements for Recognition

The degree programme must include a minimum of 90 Academic Credits (ACs) with at least 3 ACs for the industrial training (to the limit of 12 ACs) and a minimum of 6 ACs for the research dissertation. The maximum number of ACs for field visits or guest lectures or workshops shall be 2.

Note – The Academic Credits will be calculated based on the “IQSSL definition of an Academic Credit”.

5. Academic Staff Requirements for Recognition

The Academic Institution must engage an adequate number of staff with suitablequalifications and experience devoted to the programme to cover the programme’scurriculum sufficiently. The Institution may engage part-time or visiting staff members,who are professionals in their fields or academics with the relevant qualifications, to covercertain subject areas in the curriculum outside the specialisations of the full-time staff.

In general, the academic staff should have a relevant academic qualification, preferably a postgraduate degree. However, staff with broad industrial experience along with other acceptable professional qualifications may be considered

There must also be a sufficient number of trained and qualified members of the technical and administrative staff to assist the conduct of the educational programme.

6. Entry Qualification Requirements for Recognition

6.1. Students pursuing Quantity Surveying degree programmes with the regular entry for thefirst year must have the following minimum entry qualifications:

  1. Have a minimum of three Simple (S) passes at the General Certificate of Examinations (Advanced Level - Local / London / Foreign equivalent) from the Physical science stream in one sitting AND have a credit (C) pass for English Language at General Certificate of Examinations (Ordinary Level - Local / London / Foreign equivalent).
    Have a minimum of three Simple (S) passes at the General Certificate of Examinations (Advanced Level - Local / London / Foreign equivalent) from the Biological science / Commerce stream/ Technology stream (Engineering Technology) in one sitting AND have a very good (B) pass for Mathematics and a credit (C) pass for English Language at General Certificate of Examinations (Ordinary Level - Local / London / Foreign equivalent).

6.2. Students pursuing Quantity Surveying degree programmes with the lateral entry must have the following minimum entry qualifications:

  1. Having successfully completed a diploma in Quantity Surveying, including a minimum one-year academic session and a minimum of three months industrial training session.
    Obtaining minimum 2.5 OGPA (Overall Grade Point Average) from the completed Diploma.
    Having one year of relevant experience after completion of the Diploma.

7. Teaching, Learning and Quality Control Requirements for Recognition

The Institution should provide adequate facilities to support teaching and learning activities, including suitable classrooms, audio-visual and projection facilities, study areas, library, computer laboratories and information technology systems, and general infrastructure.

For programmes offered at multiple or remote locations, and those offered partly in thedistance mode, sufficient communication facilities must be provided to give those students a learning experience and support equivalent to that of the on-campus students.

The Institution must have adequate policies and mechanisms for planning, developing, delivering, and reviewing Quantity Surveying education programme; attracting, appointing, retaining and rewarding well-qualified staff; providing for their ongoing professional development; and providing and updating infrastructure and support services.

8. Application for Recognition

8.1. Academic Institutions offering degree programmes in Quantity Surveying can apply for recognition by IQSSL.

8.2. The application form for recognition can be downloaded from the IQSSL website.

8.3. The duly completed application form and a covering letter signed by an authorised signatory along with all the required documents shall be submitted in both electronic and hard copy format.

8.4. The receipt of the application and the supporting documents will be duly acknowledged to the Academic Institution (applicant).

9. Decision on the Recognition

9.1. After evaluating all the relevant documentation, the Executive Council of IQSSL makes its decision on recognition of the degree programme concerned.

9.2. The recognition will be granted for a period of three (3) years.

9.3. The IQSSL issue the certificate of recognition for the successful programme, clearly stating the effective date and duration of the recognition.

9.4. The IQSSL will publish the list of recognised degree programmes on the IQSSL website.

10. Renewal and Withdrawal of Recognition

10.1. Recognition will be valid only for the period mentioned in the certificate.

10.2. Academic Institution shall request for renewal of the recognition at the expiry and submit documentation related to any deletions and/or additions to the information furnished therein the application.

10.3. However, Academic Institutions are expected and abide to submit periodic information as requested by the IQSSL.

10.4. If any Institution fails to renew the recognition three months after the expiry, the name of the degree programme will be removed from the list of recognised degree programmes on the IQSSL website.

10.5. The Council reserves the right to withdraw the ecognition granted to a degree programme prior to its expiration if the information provided to obtain recognition were found to be false.

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