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Accreditation of QS Degree Courses

The IQSSL accreditation policy and procedures documentation for undergraduate degree programmes, effective from the 1st of September 2021, is accessible here:

The related annexure documentation is provided in the "Downloads" section below.

IQSSL accredits Quantity Surveying undergraduate degree programmes, ranging from those with a specialist focus to those which are more broadly based with a higher emphasis at professional level input, and to those with highly developed vocational focus emphasising at technical level and other key requirements. Each programme is considered on its merits.

These guidelines are designed to evaluate the standard of programmes producing Quantity Surveying graduates with academic qualifications to be recognised only for direct enrolment into Graduate Membership category of IQSSL The following documents provide detailed process of Accreditation of Degree Programmes by IQSSL.

All documents are published as approved by Governing Council of IQSSL. Any party may contact IQSSL for any further clarifications or information.


Documentation Released in mid-2021

These policies are effective from the 1st of September 2021.

Documentation Released before 2021