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Assessment of Professional Competence

Assessment of Professional Competence or APC consists of pre-assessment submissions and viva voce. Pre-assessment submissions comprise of two key components, viz., 

  • Section A – Critical Analysis
  • Section B – Answer to the Practice Problem
  • In addition to the said two key submissions, candidate’s experience and competency levels shall be submitted in the form and manner specified by the IQSSL as a part of APC process.

    This guideline stipulates what is a “Critical Analysis”, it’s format and how to select a subject issue/ issues for critical analysis.

    Answers to the Practice Problem should be submitted in compliance with the guidelines provided with the Practice Problem.

    The final assessment is viva voce which includes 12-minute presentation by the candidate. Critical analysis should also be presented together with answers to the practice problems at the 12-minute presentation, and this will be followed by an interview relating to the matters arising from the critical analysis, answers to Practice Problem, broader aspects of experience, professional ethics and conduct and current issues pertaining to the profession.

    For more details about the documents to be submitted by APC candidates for each respective APC route, please refer the 'APC Document Submission Check List' which shall be submitted together with the APC final documents.


    Last Updated: 21st January 2022